Healing is my Job

An open mind is my Religion

Love is my Sexuality

Overall happiness is the Goal

I am the Educational Life Coach

Yearly Forecast Reading, Angel Reading, Yoga Instructor, Teacher, Mental, Emotional & Physical Clarity,  etc.

How I provide Value

Reason's you may need my services: 


Mission Statement:

Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for trusting your heart and that inner voice of curiosity that led you to this page. Divine timing is everything and nothing is by accident. Now, I could go down the rabbit hole of who i am, what I do, & how I do it, but cliff notes; I'm a beautiful soul that exist. I was sent here to teach others in humanity the art of how to beautifully exist. To exist with peace of mind, clarity, and a beautiful sense of soul expansion. Using inward tools through personal experience and a sense of God-given clairvoyance to help in the Divine alignment of the Great Awakening. I aim to help with TRUTH, LAUGHTER, UNDERSTANDING & developing new tools to make our beautiful human-being experienced one worth living. I look forward to connecting with you! :)